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BRHS Wildcat pride starting to be revitalized by Luke Robinson

October 30, 2012
Benjamin Russell High School

How many times do you hear the phrase, ‘Well, football is only a game’ when your favorite team is losing?
I know Alabama fans said it during the Era of Three Mikes in the 2000s. Followers of Vanderbilt have practically lived by that motto ever since they knew what football was. Now, it’s Auburn’s turn to say it. My point is, whether our team is good or bad there is usually some amount of time when we try to convince yourself that football just isn’t that important.
You know what though? We are lying to ourselves. Football IS that important. At least, it is here in the South. And there is no more better example of football’s impact on our lives than the 2012 BRHS Wildcats.
Until lately, it has felt as if it has been eons since The ‘Cats have been relevant. Our last state championship was in 2001, but it may as well have been in 1901. A few 1-9 seasons will evaporate a title’s memory quicker than a roadrunner’s hiccup.
Ever since Coach Danny Horn’s arrival we have had a lot of hope. But bad bounces here and a few injuries there always had Alex Citians saying that aforementioned phrase, ‘It’s only a game.’ We would say that, but we wouldn’t live that.
The mood of the community was touchy. Morale was low. In our hearts we knew that Friday nights in the fall had a lot to do with our overall persona. Football affects us.
It’s a sense of pride and a symbol of hard work. One win seasons, no matter the reason for them, can put a dent in community confidence.
Enter: 2012.
I don’t want to jinx these group of Wildcats, but this bunch of high schoolers’ success has played a major role in making Alex City seem … happier.
Before last Friday’s dramatic, come-from-behind, Region-title-clinching win at Eufaula, there was still some trepidation from our citizens. Recent history had given us all reason to believe that this undefeated season was too good to be true. But when BRHS completed its comeback and crammed into its limited bus allotment to ride home (one bus did break down…. I guess the news wasn’t ALL good), we fans could no longer contain our enthusiasm.
Late Friday night and all day Saturday all people could talk  about was all things Wildcat. Very quickly, the ‘game that doesn’t really matter’ made the air breathe cleaner, the jokes seem funnier and the food taste better.
Look, I am not naive enough to claim that BRHS’ 9-0 mark has cured Alex City’s woes altogether. Our little town still has more problems to fix than Bobby Petrino’s marriage counselor. But there will always be issues; football is our much needed diversion from those issues.
Hard work translating into success always makes one’s life more fulfilled. The Wildcats are symbolizing that every week. We as fans feel better because we can finally be honest with ourselves and admit: Football DOES matter!
And hey … There is still work to be done! Why stop at Region champs? I am looking forward to the match up with Homewood as a measuring stick statewide. Regardless of that game’s outcome though, the playoffs are just a few days away and I truly think this team has a shot to be there until the end. With apologies to Coach Horn for looking ahead, if you think Alex City is in a good mood now, just imagine if BRHS brought home a state title?
Therefore, if you see a BRHS coach, player, band member, cheerleader or parent be sure to thank them. Their performance on the field has made us all feel better off for it.


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