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May 24, 2013
Alan B. Shepard High School

Since August of 2010, Alan B. Shepard High School in Palos Heights, Ill., has established and maintained an ongoing partnership with iHigh.com - an on-line, social web service that specializes in providing a portal for video, graphic and text content, as well as streaming capability for live or recorded content of all types.

There have never been any costs associated with this membership or these services.  iHigh.com's features and services are simple enough for even non-professionals to access, understand and operate.

For the first 15 months of this partnership, iHigh.com offered incentive payments of $100/monthly for a minimum of 1,000 unique site hits-per-month to member pages.  Shepard's page easily earned this incentive payment for all, 15 months.  Shepard's page recently established a District 218 record for 6,356 unique hits during the month of October 2012.  Shepard earned the rank of #25 in 2011-12 among all iHigh.com schools nationwide based on cumulative totals of unique hits, page views, live webcasts, video-on-demand uploads, graphics uploads and text articles.

Shepard video production students operating under the group title of Astro Television have been responsible for producing more than 30 live webcasts from its campus since April 2010 for events such as athletic contests and 24-hour community fundraisers. No other District 218 school has ever, to date, presented a live, student-produced webcast of any type, and few other area schools have devoted as many resources and as much student instruction to live, cyber technology, as Shepard High School has in the same time period.

Throughout it's partnership with iHigh.com, Shepard High School has been able to maintain exclusive control over or provide effective input for the multitude of facets involving video productions from our campus and content management, including - but not limited to:

 - Maintaining the integrity of student participation and curricular evaluation in all iHigh.com live productions.

 - Promotion and retention of Alan B. Shepard High School and Astro Television as primary, unique, brand identities.

 - Option of a 100% advertisement revenue product.

 - Option of a 100% digital file revenue product.

 - Maintaining a secure & safe campus for students, staff and public audiences during live webcast productions, without being forced to rely on outside vendors with unknown backgrounds to be involved in the on-campus production process.

 - Maintaining & controlling webcast delays in all live productions to prevent objectionable content from being viewed or heard by a diverse and wide-ranging audience.

 - Students and staff connected to Shepard video courses and video clubs maintaining autonomy over all major video productions and content produced from within the school building without relying on other school departments or activities/clubs, or outside vendors with unknown backgrounds or reputations.

Shepard High School, Astro Television, and its aspiring student journalists look forward to continuing this successful partnership well into the future - a partnership which is mutually beneficial to students, faculty, staff, parents and community supporters.


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