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DVD Sales

DVDs of ASPN produced broadcasts are now available!

Starting at $19.95, shipping and handling included, you can have a hard-copy of those memoriable moments.


If the type of broadcast you are looking for is not listed CONTACT US before purchasing to check on availability.  Most game broadcasts are available to be purchased from the past 12 months.  Contact us if you are looking for something in our Archives, as there is a good chance we still have it available!
Orders are shipped out within 4 business days after payment clearence via USPS.  Shipping Charges can be refunded, within 48 hours of delivery, if arrangements are made to deliver/pick-up order in person.

Annual Volume Orders will be shipped out in early June (can be made available in time for graduation gifts) and are for Broadcasts from a complete school year, typically from August through the following May.  Contact us if you would like to specify a different time frame.  Annual Volume includes ALL ASPN Produced broadcasts in which the rights to the media are 100% owned by ASPN and Spin Hub Media (approx. 95% of our coverage).

Broadcasts for sale listed as "Data DVD" are only guaranteed to work on a Windows based computer with Windows Media Player.  

Data DVD format burning enable us to keep the amount of discs, burning time, and labor costs low, which enable us to keep our prices low.

For example a 1 day - 8 hour wrestling tournament in a Data DVD format uses approx. 1 disc.  The same tournament burned in a TV DVD format would take at minimum 4 discs.

If you would like a DVD burned in a standard TV DVD player format, please contact us for additional pricing options.  
To give you an idea of how much it would cost to burn in standard TV DVD format, we typically calculate this cost by taking the RUN TIME of the event divided by 90 minutes.  We then take this metric and multiply this to our current prices.  (An 8 hour wrestling tournamet burned in a standard TV DVD format would take approx 4 discs and cost $79.73)