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About ASPN

Spin Hub Media, LLC and it's wholly owned subsidiary, Amateur Sports Network (ASPN.WS), were founded in November, 2009 by Jon Thomas, Tim Fry, and Elizabeth Thomas to provide a true multi-media experience for localized sports and information. Our events and relationships are designed to encourage community involvement, pride, and economic benefits for small business in our area. 

Spin Hub Media has the technology and expertise to cover an event LIVE over the world wide web, provide analysis and commentary by experienced broadcasters, capture still images by professional photography services, and provide entrepreneurial individuals and groups an opportunity to raise funds and generate interest in their events/product/service. 

Spin Hub Media strives to fulfill our mission "To Improve our Community one Relationship at a Time." We work exclusively with people and businesses that contribute to the success of their local communities. In these days of financial insecurity we believe that our success or failure is intertwined with other vital organizations. Competition and innovation drives our economy but we don't allow it to divide our common goals. By collaborating and working together we ensure that we strengthen our local communities. 

To find out how you can benefit from working with Spin Hub Media contact us by clicking HERE