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NCAA Division 2 vs NAIA All-Star Senior Football Classic

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Description The Collegiate Development Football League (CDFL) is proud to present this exciting opportunity to showcase the D2 vs NAIA Football Bowl. Players will have earned the honor to play against their best peers in a showcase for all to recognize their talent. As the countdown to this inaugural game continues, stay tuned for updates and committee selections of top senior players at The D2 vs NAIA Senior Bowl will bring players who represent both the D-II and NAIA college football levels, to an all-star game format on December, 3, 2011 in Middletown, New York, at Faller Field at the St Lawrence Sports Complex, home of the 2010 ?FCS Senior Scout Bowl?. Players selected will partake in practices, NFL combine testing, an awards banquet, and a showcase game with pro scouts in attendance. For the players, this will be a 3 day experience. Equally important for the players and fans will be the opportunity to play against outstanding peers in a challenge to measure these two levels of football talent against each other. This game is only available to seniors who have completed their collegiate eligibility. Exclusive Coverage Provided by Amateur Sports Network. On the call is Jon Thomas and Gideon Anderson, Directed by Tim Fry, Camera Operators Liz Thomas and Dave Grame. For more information about this event please contact Tim Fry at 816-728-6257 or email at
Details Start Time: 12/03/11 7:15 am CST - Archived Video Broadcast -
Tags Amateur Sports Network • Publisher
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