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Team Missouri Junior Freestyle Session 1 Results - USA Wrestling Nationals - Provided by TrackWrestl

July 21, 2011
By Tim Fry of Amateur Sports Network

2011 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals Results for Missouri
Junior-105 - Aaron Beckman's place is unknown.
Match #1 Javier Vieyra (Kansas) over Aaron Beckman (Missouri) Dec 1-5,4-0,1-0

Junior-105 - Trey Nelson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Matt Garelli (Illinois) over Trey Nelson (Missouri) Dec 6-0,2-0

Junior-105 - Justin Scott's place is unknown.
Match #1 Gabe Foltz (Minnesota) over Justin Scott (Missouri) Dec 0-3,3-1,3-2

Junior-105 - JJ Dorrell's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jonathon Johnson (South Carolina) over JJ Dorrell (Missouri) Dec 3-1,2-2,6-0

Junior-112 - Auston Finley's place is unknown.
Match #1 Evan Botwin (Pennsylvania) over Auston Finley (Missouri) Fall 8-0,0:26

Junior-112 - Andrew Wallace's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Wallace (Missouri) over Dionisos Georgiou (New York) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-119 - Zachary Nelson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Rafael Vargas (California) over Zachary Nelson (Missouri) Fall 5-3,1:07
Match #2 Cory Clark (Iowa) over Zachary Nelson (Missouri) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-119 - Hunter Neighbors's place is unknown.
Match #1 Hunter Neighbors (Missouri) over Dylan Bull (Colorado) Dec 1-5,2-1,7-0
Match #2 Brenden Campbell (Indiana) over Hunter Neighbors (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-119 - Nate Rodriguez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Nate Rodriguez (Missouri) over Zach Pilkington (Maryland) Fall 6-3,0:25
Match #2 Bryant Fukushima (Hawaii) over Nate Rodriguez (Missouri) Dec 5-0,6-0

Junior-125 - Colton Orlando's place is unknown.
Match #1 Colton Orlando (Missouri) over Alex Ordonez (Indiana) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #2 Colton Orlando (Missouri) over Andrew Burr (Nevada) Fall 6-0,1:52

Junior-130 - Leroy Barnes's place is unknown.
Match #1 Leroy Barnes (Missouri) over Petey Martinez (Texas) TF 9-3,7-1
Match #2 Leroy Barnes (Missouri) over Robert Ruiz (Connecticut) Dec 1-1,3-2,8-2

Junior-130 - Anthony Barker's place is unknown.
Match #1 Anthony Barker (Missouri) over Matt Ellis (Illinois) Dec 3-1,1-0
Match #2 Anthony Barker (Missouri) over Brandon Edwards (Montana) Dec 7-0,5-1

Junior-130 - Skylar Wood's place is unknown.
Match #1 Pat Hutton (Maryland) over Skylar Wood (Missouri) Dec 0-7,3-3,5-5
Match #2 Skylar Wood (Missouri) over Ricky Ortiz (California) Dec 4-2,6-0

Junior-130 - Austin Roper's place is unknown.
Match #1 Devon Jackson (Indiana) over Austin Roper (Missouri) Dec 7-0,3-0
Match #2 Austin Roper (Missouri) over Austin Walz (Minnesota) Fall 8-0,0:23

Junior-130 - Jimmy Carpenter's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) over Mike Lumsden (Oregon) Fall 6-2,0:37
Match #2 Eliot Jurries (Minnesota) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) Dec 2-0,4-0

Junior-135 - Jacob Ostrowski's place is unknown.
Match #1 Ron Hauser (Illinois) over Jacob Ostrowski (Missouri) Fall 6-0,0:25
Match #2 Alejandro Sancho (Florida) over Jacob Ostrowski (Missouri) Dec 6-3,3-1

Junior-135 - Josh Bennett's place is unknown.
Match #1 Josh Bennett (Missouri) over Colter Steinmetz (South Dakota) Fall 3-0,1:19
Match #2 Josh Bennett (Missouri) over Lukas Poloncic (Wyoming) Dec 4-0,4-0

Junior-135 - Clayton Ream's place is unknown.
Match #1 Patrick Hogan (New York) over Clayton Ream (Missouri) Dec 1-3,2-1,7-0
Match #2 Shayden Terukina (Hawaii) over Clayton Ream (Missouri) Dec 10-3,6-3

Junior-140 - Aaron Engle's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jake Kadel (Iowa) over Aaron Engle (Missouri) Fall 1:10
Match #2 Logan Strope (Ohio) over Aaron Engle (Missouri) Dec 1-0,2-0

Junior-140 - Austin Eads's place is unknown.
Match #1 Casey George (Idaho) over Austin Eads (Missouri) Dec 7-2,4-0
Match #2 Austin Eads (Missouri) over Brian McCarty (Washington) Fall 1:53

Junior-140 - Greg Hegarty's place is unknown.
Match #1 Greg Hegarty (Missouri) over Cameron Henderson (Oregon) Fall 7-0,1:35
Match #2 Kaleb Baker (Tennessee) over Greg Hegarty (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-140 - Michael Cutbertson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Bryan Peralta (Hawaii) over Michael Cutbertson (Missouri) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #2 Jason Tsirtsis (Indiana) over Michael Cutbertson (Missouri) Fall 1:10

Junior-140 - Keenan Hagerty's place is unknown.
Match #1 Natrelle Deminson (California) over Keenan Hagerty (Missouri) Dec 2-0,0-6,5-4
Match #2 Keenan Hagerty (Missouri) over Justin Paradiso (New York) TF 9-2,7-0

Junior-145 - Trevor Engle's place is unknown.
Match #1 Trevor Engle (Missouri) over Zac Dobbins (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,2-2,7-5
Match #2 Trevor Engle (Missouri) over J.c. Vercande (Iowa) Dec 2-1,4-1

Junior-145 - David Montoya's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jacob Crawford (Virginia) over David Montoya (Missouri) Fall 6-0,1:29
Match #2 Mark Pinero (Louisiana) over David Montoya (Missouri) Fall 0:35

Junior-152 - Jesse Freise's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jesse Freise (Missouri) over Jesse Carlson (Colorado) Dec 0-2,2-0,2-1
Match #2 Joey Kubica (Illinois) over Jesse Freise (Missouri) Dec 6-0,3-1

Junior-152 - Matt Lemanowicz's place is unknown.
Match #1 Austin Dewey (Idaho) over Matt Lemanowicz (Missouri) Fall 5-4,1:15
Match #2 Matt Lemanowicz (Missouri) over Laurent Remillard (Hawaii) Dec 2-1,8-5

Junior-160 - Chris Lattner's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chris Lattner (Missouri) over Tyler Patrick (Maryland) Dec 6-2,4-3
Match #2 Spartacus Chino (Illinois) over Chris Lattner (Missouri) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-160 - Joey Hutchens's place is unknown.
Match #1 Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Joey Hutchens (Missouri) Fall 1:30
Match #2 Joey Hutchens (Missouri) over Aidan Osborn (Colorado) Fall 0:29

Junior-160 - Patrick Rhoads's place is unknown.
Match #1 Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) over Peyton Wagner (Iowa) Dec 1-0,5-0
Match #2 Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) over Trevor Powers (Colorado) Dec 1-0,5-0

Junior-189 - Cody Johnston's place is unknown.
Match #1 Preston Lehmann (North Dakota) over Cody Johnston (Missouri) Fall 6-0,0-7,0:14
Match #2 Cody Johnston (Missouri) over Mark Jorgensen (California) Fall 0:35

Junior-189 - Nick Lovejoy's place is unknown.
Match #1 Nick Lovejoy (Missouri) over Jay Tucker (Arizona) Dec 3-2,2-1
Match #2 Nick Lovejoy (Missouri) over Evan Rosborough (Ohio) Fall 6-0,0:54

Junior-215 - Donnie Horner's place is unknown.
Match #1 Donnie Horner (Missouri) over Brandon Burndley (Maryland) Dec 6-0,3-3,1-1

Junior-285 - Joshua Harlan's place is unknown.
Match #1 Joshua Harlan (Missouri) over Carlos Turner (Utah) Dec 1-0,2-3,1-1

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