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Meet Coach Jeff Board


Coaching Experience:

5 years Coon Rapids High School – Assistant Coach

1 year Blaine High School – Assistant Coach

1 year Meadow Creek – Assistant Coach

4 years Anoka High School – Assistant Coach

2 years Anoka Youth Wrestling

5 years Andover Youth Wrestling 

Wrestling Experience:

18 years wrestling

 3 years at Coon Rapids High School

        Record 90-10

         3 time all conference

         2 time section champ

         2 time 4th place in state


3 years at Augsburg College

           2 time conference champ

           2 time all academic team

           Team member of 2 national championship teams


BA in Business


Married to Darcy Board (18 years)

We have 5 Kids:

            Carissa   16

            Gibson   14

            Mary      11

            Abigail    9

            Brandon  5

Contact Jeff: Jeff.Board@ATK.COM