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September 27, 2012
By Scott Peterson of Andover Volleyball

Freshman Tournament:
I e-mailed the working schedule to all parents and freshman should have brought home the pairings for the weekend for their perspective team. Please consider signing up to line judge or work concessions or admissions. This is a fantastic opportunity to add more hours to your "30 hour" bank. We need one additional line judge on every court.  The work schedule is posted at teh bottom of this story.

The final push is on for completing the sale of raffle tickets. Please have your daughter bring her tickets to school tomorrow sold or unsold so we have an idea where we are at with ticket sales. Please encourage your daughter to sell her tickets. We will have another sweep for any players who have not sold their tickets on Oct. 1. We will reissue tickets for this sweep. Anyone who has sold all their tickets and thinks they can sell more is welcome to more tickets. Let me know!

Every player was given an envelope to deliver to you with 6 unsold Gala tickets a week and a 1/2 ago. These are pre-sale tickets that you hopefully sold to your friends, family, neighbors, etc... Please send back any unsold tickets or monies for sold tickets in the envelope you received them in. The envelope had the ticket numbers and your daughter's name on it. Please return these tomorrow also!

Parent Night:
Parent Night is Tuesday, Oct. 2. All parents are admitted into any volleyball game at Andover HS for free on this date. We will do a parent introduction immediately after the B-Squad and JV games on the main court. We ask that you sit in the main bleachers. Parents will be announced between 6:15 and 6:30 (depending on end times of games). There will also be treats in the lobby for parents to enjoy throughout the evening!

Staff Night:
Tonight is staff night. We invite any Anoka-Hennepin staff that has worked with Andover students. They get into the game free with their staff ID. Please take the time to talk with teachers and support staff and thank them for taking time out of their lives to come and cheer on the girls:)

Thanks for all you do to make Andover HS Volleyball a great program!



Andover Freshman Tournament Schedule - September 29, 2012
Score Table Duties: Scorebook, Libero Tracker & Flip score, line judge

You may not switch courts or times unless it is prearranged with Coach Huberty. No exceptions.  All communication about working this tournament must be discussed with Coach Huberty.

8:45am-12:00PM – Varsity
  Court One: Rissi, Alyssa, Callie, Sadie
  Court Two: Jessie, Maria, Haley, Sub
  Court Three: Alex, Liv, Madi, Amanda
  Court Four: Laura, Erika, Hannah, Emily

11:45-3:00PM – Junior Varsity
  Court One: Carissa, Rachel, Kat, Sub
  Court Two: Natalie, Amelia, Kaci, Sub
  Court Three: Jordan, Chloe, Lauren, Sub
  Court Four: Carol, Katelyn, Hannah, Sub

2:45-6:00PM – B-Squad
Court One: Ellen, Ashley, Serenity, Sub
Court Two: Chloe, Kaisa, Megan, Sub
Court Three: Heather K., Maddie, Amanda, Sub
Court Four: Sarah, Allison, Heather W., Sub

The freshman will have a hard copy of the tournament pairings for this weekend tonight! Thanks for all you do to make Andover Volleyball a great programJ




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