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About America's Treasures

Discovering the stories behind the trivia questions about America!

America’s Treasures, hosted by Vicki Lea, is a television show that uncovers fascinating facts about America.  It’s like discovering golden nuggets of information from all over the nation.  The show goes behind the scenes to reveal the inside stories about the trivia questions. Stories can be seen in categories of History, Entertainment, Arts, Geography, Sports and General Trivia.  There’s a wealth of fascinating information such as:


               What Tennessean nicknamed the American flag Old Glory?

            Answer: William Driver

                        We tell you how it happened….


            Who designed the Lone Ranger’s Mask?

                        Answer: Manuel

                                    You’ll discover how he did it…


            Who is America’s most decorated World War I soldier?

                        Answer:  Alvin York

                                    You’ll see some of his hidden treasures!


            Who created the game of miniature golf?       

                        Answer:  Garnet Carter

                                    Discover the inside story…


America’s Treasures goes behind the trivia questions to uncover the little known facts that make these stories unique.



WHY TREASURES?  America’s Treasures is a fascinating television show that reaches into the very essence of what makes America great.  American’s have a reason to be proud of our country. 

“Treasures” enables the family to interact through an interesting, creatively informative and pride oriented experience.  Viewers enjoy seeing the shows over and over saying “I catch something new in the show every time I watch it.” 


It’s in a fast paced magazine format that goes behind-the-scenes with fascinating facts about America.  Our stories go beyond mere interviews to reveal the sometimes hidden facts and trivia.  We seek out the WHY and HOW ... from the east to west, north to south and places in between.  The show gives viewers a desire to see what the United States has to offer.  


The material we uncover documents history and our nation’s heritage.  We’ve found great stories, conducted extensive interviews and discovered amazing artifacts which were never before revealed, and would otherwise have remained hidden.  The television show documents historically significant interviews and events in a fast paced, uniquely entertaining and dynamic video style.


One of the most frequently heard comments from viewers is “nobody’s doing a show like this”, or “I didn’t know that”.  In just the first few shows, we uncovered stories like who nicknamed the American Flag “Old Glory” which prompted the community to get involved.  The Tennessee State Museum then arranged to bring the actual “Old Glory Flag” from the Smithsonian and put it on display in Nashville, Tennessee.


The first series of shows feature stories from Tennessee and Kentucky.  You can also find treasure maps to go along with some of the stories at .  The treasure maps are collectible and allow you as a viewer to experience each treasure first hand.

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