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Georgia Showcase top of the class by Horace Neysmith

October 18, 2010
All Metro Sports

The Georgia Showcase closed out yesterday after a competitive weekend of basketball. Here are some of the top performers from the Showcase.

Shaquille Johnson 6-foot-4 WG 2012 (Milton H.S.) - His athleticism is well known and he took the time to introduce it to anyone who didn't know with a few highlight slams. The evolution in Shaq's game will be to expand his perimeter arsenal. You can tell he's been in the lab, as he hit several jumpers on the weekend and has made strides in his ballhandling. He has the attributes to be a big time perimeter defender ie. lentgh, athleticism, speed and strentgh.

Mike Hall 6-foot-10 PF 2012 (Woodward Academy) - The state is full of wings in the 2012 class with only a few bigs to go around. Hall is one of more intriguing bigs in the class with his lentgh, ability to run the floor and passing ability. When you take into consideration that he has only played two years of AAU basketball, where most have played since 10 years old, his future seems bright.  He has a good work ethic and a desire to elevate his game. Added strentgh over the next year will pay dividends.

Charles Mitchell 6-foot-8 PF 2012 (Wheeler H.S.) - He is showing an improved post game with the ability to turn over either shoulder to finish plays. He has made strides in his conditioning but extra work in that area would surely help late in games. Mitchell is a banger in the truest sense but he see's the value in hitting the 15 footer thus opening up drives to the basket from that distance.

Tony Bagtas 5-foot-10 PG 2013 (Westlake H.S.) - In a class devoid of PG's Bagtas is probably the best. The lack of point guards isn't why he's the best. Bagtas makes plays for others seem effortless whether in a half court set or in transition. He can score when needed via creative drives to the basket, ending in a floater or the pull up jumper. What seems to be igniting the growth in his game is his added strentgh and his tireless work in the gym.

Tevin Glass 6-foot-8 WF 2012 (Meadowcreek H.S.) - He has made huge strides in the eyes of many this fall. Once a throw in name when discussing forwards, Glass is trying to push his way to the head of the class. He can hit the jumper and is a good second effort guy on the glass due to his long arms and bounce. Glass is one of the more athletic forwards in 2012 with a 35 inch verticle.

Justin Colvin 6-foot-1 SG 2012 (Miller Grove H.S.) - Once just considered a shooter, Colvin has worked on his athleticism and is now at ease in attacking the paint. He has one of the more refined shot fakes which allows him to turn contested 20 footers into open 15 footers.

Henry Brooks 6-foot-7 F 2011 (Miller Grove H.S.) - His trademark has always been the effort he plays with. Brooks likes to get out on the break and hit the offensive glass. A solid defender, Brooks can guard bigger wings and uses his lentgh to defend the post.

Kharron Butcher 6-foot-2 PG 2011 (Padeia School) - Butcher has gotten faster over the years which has help his game. He was always a good shooter but is now a threat to beat his man off the dribble when the jumper is over played. His long arms allow him to get into the passing lanes and get his fair share of rebounds.

Chris Longoria 6-foot-3 SG 2011 (McIntosh H.S.) - Longoria can hit em long or from the mid-range. He is solid enough with the ball to get to his spots on the floor. He also has surprising athleticism and strentgh to finish drives to the baket. He has Ivy and Patriot League grade.

Anthony Morse 6-foot-8 F 2012 (Dacula H.S.) - Not on the radar a year ago, Morse's red dot is blinking brightly. He has gotten stronger, his jumping ability has increased and his confidence level has grown. He is a very good offensive rebounder because of his activity around the paint. He runs the floor well and attacks for dunks not lay-ups on most occasions. He is holding an offer from UT-Chatt with others surely to follow.

Stedmon Lemmon 6-foot-4 WG 2011 (Shiloh H.S.) - Its amazing what confidence can do for a player. Lemmon has played with alot of that this fall. He gets after it on both ends and will probably lead his region in blocked shots this season. His jump shot is the cause of his confidence but at times relies on it too much.

Victor Bowden 6-foot-8 PF 2011 (Chamblee H.S.) - A raw physical prospect. More of a rebounder right now.

Terrance Phillips 5-foot-9 PG 2015 (SACA) - The youngest of the group this weekend, Phillips future looks bright.

Austin Pickett 5-foot-8 PG 2013 (Alpharetta H.S.) - Creative ballhandler whose not afraid to challenge the big boy's. Solid floater game and good passing ablity. Work on his deep ball will serve him well.

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