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All American Cowgirl Chicks

   The All American Cowgirl Chicks are a non-profit organization who is recognized for their exceptional skill in handling and riding horses. The Cowgirl Chicks started performing in 1995 after Lynn put together a group of girls that performed in a fundraising rodeo to benefit a cancer patient. “Riding for a cause (raising dollars to help cancer patients) was just the beginning of our philanthropy,” said Lynn. In 2003, Lynn convinced JW Stoker, a legendary trick rider and trick roper, to teach them the art of trick riding. The Cowgirl Chicks began adopting rescue horses and teaching them to be performers. After hours of training and determination the girls developed the rescue horses into the amazing performance and trick riding horses they are today.

  Since 1995, The Cowgirl Chicks dedicate every performance to someone battling cancer or serving in the military. The Cowgirl Chicks and their horses perform stunts in over 85 performances per year and are seen by rodeo spectators around the country.

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