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Harris is week nine wrestler of the week!

January 28, 2013
By ed crouse of Atchison High School Wrestling

The week 9-wrestler of the week was Tyler Harris.  This award follows a huge victory over his cross county rival from Effigham in the finals of the  Paola invitational, but finds The week 8 "team mate" of the week is Jordan Drimmel.  The wrestler of the week is a great honorP but this week this honor transcends wrestling and focuses on contributions as team-mate.  Jordan has contributed to this years success as a great 106 pounder but even more importantly he has been working hard for his team.  When Jordan wasn't wrestling at the Paola tournament He was running back and forth between gyms keeping his team-mates ready, keeping coaches where they were needed and helping in any way that he could.  It would have been very easy to sit in the stands and do nothing but instead he recognized the importance of everyone participating  in every single match.  All great successes can be traced to this kind of sellflessness.  Way to go Jordan.
 roots in the last off-season.  It's not hard to be impressed with Tyler's skills in wrestling but few understand that those skills didn't just magically appear.  For many years Tyler has been attending camps, working in the weight room, and traveling all over the country wrestling his way to the top.  He didn't just out wrestle his opponent,he out worked him.  This is a key to success in any endeavor but in wrestling it is probably the biggest key to being a  CHAMPION!  It was a thrilling match that demonstrated that not only has Tyler focused on the physical side of  wrestling, he has grown in the mental side.  He wrestled a smart match and "managed" the match like the veteran that he is.  To be gifted physically is great, mentally is also wonderful, but to put the together is stupendous.

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