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The Plot Like Gravy Thickens

When going to see a show, one never really puts much thought into the work that goes into it. The weeks spent learning lines, the days working out blocking, the grueling hours upon hours putting into creating the perfect set. Being involved in the drama department, I got to experience this first hand as well as getting the experience of attending the show opening night,


The Plot Like Gravy Thickens is a murder mystery with a comedic twist to it. Besides keeping you laughing the whole way through, it also keeps you guessing the whole way though with its many twists and turns. When it comes to discovering who done it, you will second guess yourself up until the very last twist.

The exciting plot was brought to life by an amazing cast. The most Memorable characters have to be the ditsy Connine (Emma Swensen), the Russian cook (Kelly Smith), the senile Beatrice ( Angie Carlson). And who could forget the estrogen induced antics of Roy (Justin Trier)? Last but certainly not least, props must be given to Seth Hansen for pulling off a double roll as both Walter and Edward. When watching the play, I didn't even feel like I was watching a high school performance. Instead, it felt like watching professionals. It was an amazing experience.

Provided by Kaylin Ricci



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