Marketing Team

Holly Berry
General Manager

Chris Rutter
Director of Content Development

Marketing Tips

       Top 10

  1. Link from school site.
  2. Make in-school and at-game PA announcements.
  3. Change your URL (ex., email us to change your URL.
  4. Hang banner at games. Contact your local rep or the Marketing team for information on how to create a banner!
  5. School mailbox drops once a month (or as often as you wish).
  6. Provide links to your iHigh site on other local media avenues, and give them your link.
  7. Create your own ‘See it at iHigh’ business card. These are great to hand out at events. If you would like help creating the card email us and we’ll be glad to help you.
  8. Place insert in your school’s event programs or media guides.
  9. Distribute a press release to local media (newspaper, radio, local TV show, etc.)
  10. Team up with your school’s Athletic Director and coaches to help market your site.


Ways to drive up your traffic

  • Email registered users for your school whenever you post something onto the site or if you have important upcoming information that will be coming onto your site. It will keep users involved and drive up the traffic on your iHigh page.
  • Create contests within your school. It can be a spirit video contest for you to post and create a voting system for the videos, create your own ‘Champions Club’.
  • Photos, photos, photos
  • Begin an Athlete of the Week (not necessarily the star) and conduct an interview that helps the school and fans get to know athletes on a more personal level.
  • Sell advertisement to local sponsors onto the iHigh site.
  • Do you have additional ways to drive up traffic for your site? We would love to add them to the site, please share them with us.


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