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Have your game film seen by college coaches

October 21, 2008

Prepared by: Mark Prelewicz

FBgamefilm was started to help out both the High School and College football coach, while also giving exposure to every player in the High School program. As former football coaches, we know how many hours coaches spend making copies of film to send to colleges. With our service, coaches simply send their films to us and we take care of the rest. Once we receive the games in the mail, they will be available to be viewed on the site within 2 hours. College coaches from across the country will be able to view full games. Now High School coaches can simply send their films to one place and have them reach every College. High Schools can register with us for $200.00 for a season. This subscription allows up to 12 slots for games or highlights. We don't edit any games or make highlights, we simply put up whatever the coach sends. With us, EVERY player has the opportunity to be seen by a College coach.

    We also offer an "insider" feature which is free. Parents, players, boosters, aunts, uncles or anyone else can register themselves as "insiders". Once they do that, they will now be able to watch their schools' games wherever they have an internet connection and as long as they have their schools' "insider" password. The coach of the school issues an "insider" password that connects to their school. The coach can give out this password at his discretion. Some coaches have waited till the end of the year to give out the password, while most give it out to their players and booster club members. Since you have to sign in each time you view a game, each view can be tracked. If for some reason a rival High School is watching games that they shouldn't be, the coach can simply change his "insider" password.

    Again, EVERY PLAYER now has the opportunity to be seen by Colleges. Coaches can save time and money with us, while focusing more time on football.

Click here to learn more about FBgamefilm.com.

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