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Inaugural 1016sports 2013 Preseason "To Watch" Lists

December 18, 2013
By Brad Laux of 1016sports

Welcome to 1016sports' inaugural 2013-14 preseason "To Watch" lists for boys' and girls' basketball players in the 10th and 16th Regions. Below are individuals who were named to one of two lists: "The Terrific 26 to Watch" or "10 Future Stars", which were determined by input from coaches (every head coach from every team in both regions was polled for players on his/her team that he/she felt were worthy of being nominated), various publications, last year's stats (when available) and team results, as well as opinions based on my own observations and interviews.

The lists include players from the 34 schools (including Wolfe County) in the two regions. They are not ranked, merely listed in alphabetical order, and there is no Preseason Player of the Year. The list is merely an opportunity to showcase some of the top talent and up-and-coming talent throughout Northeastern Kentucky.

All players were eligible to make the "Terrific 26" regardless of age. The number 26 was chosen because 10+16=26. It is both a unique number and includes a wide cross-section of individuals throughout the two regions. In theory the "Terrific 26" is intended to reflect the 26 best basketball players in Northeastern Kentucky.

The "10 Future Stars" were limited to sophomores or younger who either are expected to play a big role for their teams this year or could have a breakout season. These individuals are strong candidates to be on a future "Terrific 26" list. Only 10 players were chosen for the "Future Stars" list, because they were harder to forecast.

At the end of the season, I will compile another set of lists -- the postseason "Terrific 26" and "10 Unsung Heroes", the latter of which is set up to acknowledge individuals who may not have been noticed for their play because they did not accumulate huge statistics, but whose contributions were key to their team's success, or were on teams which did not fare well, but the individuals may have made the "Terrific 26", if they had more support from their team.

These lists are not mutually exclusive. Deciding upon 26 individuals was a difficult task. Multiple other athletes were considered, many of whom were deserving to have made one of the lists. The project was done purely for fun and to encourage positive discussion about area athletes. Simply because someone was not included does not mean that individual is not one of the top players in the area. Conversely, the lists were not meant to demean or discredit players who were not selected. It also was not done to put undo pressure on those who were chosen. Additionally, every effort was made to include accurate information on each individual. If a correction needs to be made (spelling of name, class or position), please email it to 1016sports@windstream.net.

These lists were compiled to showcase talent throughout the Northeastern part of the state. No other organization includes individuals from these regions.

With that said, here are the inaugural lists:

Boys' Basketball “1016’s Terrific 26 To Watch”

Brent Bach (Augusta, SR, G)
Khmarkis Blanton
 (George Rogers Clark, SR, F)
Darion Burns (Fleming County, SR, G)
Drew Burns (Bishop Brossart, SR, C)
James Clark (Paris, SO, G)
Corey Conway (Wolfe County, SR, F)
Kameron Crimm (Scott, SR, F)
Koebe Garrard (Paris, SO, F)
Grayson Griffith (Boyd County, JR, F)
Corey Holbrook (Campbell County, SR, G)
Shawn Johnson (Mason County, SR, C)
Darius Jones (Montgomery County, SR, F)
Connor Messer (Raceland, JR, G)
Nick Miller (Ashland Blazer, JR, F)
Logan Nickell (Elliott County, SR, G)
Jake O’Mara (Mason County, JR, F)
Xavier Piersawl (Montgomery County, SR, G)
Jordan Perry (Morgan County, SO, G)
Dillon Pulliam (Harrison County, SR, F)
Brett Ruckel (Lewis County, SR, G)
Brady Saunders (Fleming County, SR, F)
Landon Sexton (Bourbon County, JR, G)
Troy Steward (Fleming County, SR, F)
Tyler Thacker (Rowan County, SR, G/F)
Alex Trentman (Bishop Brossart, SR, F/C)
Bryan Wallace (Montgomery County, SR, G)

Boys' Basketball “1016’s 10 Future Stars”

Bobby Anderson (Boyd County, SO, G)
Austin Crawford (Bracken County, FR, G)
Collin Howell (Elliott County, SO, F)
Ben Jordan (West Carter, FR, C)
Connor Maddox (Augusta, SO, G/F)
Camryn Snapp (Augusta, SO, F)
Trenton Walker (Lewis County, SO, G)
Larry Whelan (Rowan County, SO, G)
Matt Wilson (Campbell County, SO, C)
Hunter Wood (Pendleton County, SO, G)

Girls’ Basketball “1016’s Terrific 26 To Watch”

Savannah Anderson (Lewis County, JR, C)
Alivia Bierley (Mason County, SR, F)
Megan Bretz (Nicholas County, JR, G)
Jill Buntin (Scott, SR, G/F)
McKenzie Butler (Mason County, SR, G)
Emma Conley (Bracken County, SR, G)
Faith Conn (Rowan County, SR, G/F)
Bailey Cummins (Bracken County, SO, G)
Jordan Doram (Harrison County, SR, C)
Haley Sue Foutch (Ashland Blazer, JR, F)
Logan Fraley (Boyd County, JR, G)
Emily Frye (Lewis County, JR, G)
Sarah Futscher (Bishop Brossart, SR, F/C)
Lex Graham (George Rogers Clark, SR, G)
Bryana Greenhill (East Carter, SR, G)
Jerica Kelsch (Augusta, JR, G/F)
Kristin Mayo (East Carter, FR, G)
Ally Niece (Scott, 8th, G)
Sarah Price (Bath County, SO, F)
Alexis Robinson (Ashland Blazer, JR, G)
Erica Rogers (Montgomery County, SR, G)
Asia Sims (Bourbon County, JR, G)
Sandra Skinner (George Rogers Clark, JR, F)
Abby Stadtmiller (Bishop Brossart, SR, G)
Schyler Tipton (Montgomery County, SR, C)
Taylor Wheeler (Boyd County, SR, F)

Girls’ Basketball “1016’s 10 Future Stars”

Hannah Bandura (Rowan County, SO, F)
Morgan Berry (West Carter, 7th, G)
Jaycey Fite (Lewis County, SO, G)
Hannah Graff (Campbell County, SO, F)
Krystal Keeton (Raceland, SO, G)
Micah Leslie (Greenup County, SO, G)
Mykassa Robinson (Ashland Blazer, 8th, G)
Alexis Stapleton (Scott, 8th, G)
Sydney Webb (Greenup County, FR, G)
Ashton Woodard (Menifee County, SO, F/C)

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